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For example, maybe you discover that your competitors are all woefully underserv on Instagram, so you decide to take advantage of their shortcomings and build a thriving presence there. Boldly going where no one has gone before can be a little risky, but it can also be very rewarding. Referrals Referrals include traffic from: Affiliates Backlinks Content Partners Direct Mia Buys News Coverage Monitoring referral traffic, incoming and outgoing, can reveal new potential affiliate marketing opportunities and affiliate networks. For example, maybe you find that your biggest competitor is bringing in a lot of customers through a particular referral – if you manage to win a partnership for your own organization, it can dramatically improve your bottom line. Email Marketing A smart competitive strategy could be right in your inbox.

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Try signing up for your biggest competitors’ newsletters and email campaigns. See what email Croatia Phone Number List marketing tactics they use, what products they do and don’t promote, the types of sales they make, and more. It’s one of the easiest ways to monitor your competitors, since every day conveniently comes straight to your inbox. Recent Acquisitions and Investments in New Technology Keep abreast of when competitors are adding new technologies to their stacks or making acquisitions. This indicates that your competitors are entering new capabilities and directions. Such information is useful for improving and adjusting your own strategies. New technology example:Wordle.


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Board Members and Investors Do some research and see who sits on the boards of USA CEO your top competitors and who has invest in them. Knowing their background and the tactics they have us successfully in the past can provide some potential insight into your competitors’ future plans. News mentions Go to Google Alerts and sign up to be alert every time your competitor’s name is mention in the news. That way, you’ll always be up to date on all their happenings – from new product launches and market positioning, to new funding rounds and social mia pitches…it’s time to follow! Competitor monitoring is a practice that you and your business team should perform on a regular basis. Some strategies can be set automatically, such as signing up for competitor emails and Google Alerts. Others should be schul monthly or at least quarterly.