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They’re not as much of a threat to your business as direct competitors, but they’re still something to keep an eye on. The information you glean from tracking indirect competitors provides new perspectives and ideas your business may have missed before. It broadens your focus and broadens your perspective on the industry you work in. As such, it can inspire new development and adaptation strategies. For example, say you run an at-home workout subscription. Your indirect competitors will be brick-and-mortar gyms such as Planet Fitness and Gold’ s Gym. You both solve the same customer problem, but in different ways. Who in your organization should be stalking competitors.

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In short, nearly every part of your organization can benefit from monitoring Costa Rica Phone Number List the competition. A rank tracker tool can help customize the dashboard for each business unit. Leadership: The company’s leadership should always pay attention to competitors’ movements, and gain a deep understanding of competitors’ business models and marketing strategies. Not only does this help in making smarter business decisions, but it’s also crucial in explaining to investors why they should invest in you and not someone else. Product Teams: With competitive monitoring, product teams can discover newly developed product and feature announcements, as well as products your competitors have decided to discontinue.


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This is invaluable information for developing a strategy on how to differentiate USA CEO your product from the rest. Business Development Team: Any good business developer understands the importance of competitor tracking. This is essential to understand the current state of the industry, new and untapped market opportunities, and strategic partnership opportunities. Marketing teams: Competitive monitoring helps marketers understand how competitors are positioning themselves, their target audience, the channels they use, etc. All of these are gold pieces for crafting a successful, data-driven marketing strategy. Sales teams: When trying to make a sale, it is essential to be able to explain to potential customers exactly how your product compares to the competition — and ideally, how your business outperforms them.