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You can analyze your website’s organic traffic with Similarweb Organic Search Overview. You’ll see the number of visitors to the site, the percentages that came from organic, paid, and branded traffic, or traffic from visitors who specifically searched for the business. You’ll also see for which keywords the site ranks. You may wish to save these for use in your own content strategy. Organic Search Overview for amazon Domain Authority Domain Authority can tell you how effective a company is in its marketing efforts. You’ve probably heard the importance of EAT Expertise, Authority, and Trust when it comes to Google and search results. Your domain authority depends on whether your website has E-A-T.

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If so, your SERP ranking will improve and help drive more traffic from organic Cyprus Phone Number List search. Google uses several factors to rank domain scores, including: Site age Page load speed Content relevance Update frequency Site structure Inbound links Referring domains It’s impossible to know exactly how Google assigns domain authority, but a good estimate is the website ranking. Similarweb measures the global, national and industry rankings of websites. Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence shows amazon. com’s site performance from month to year. Onsite Engagement Once you know how many users are visiting a website and how Google ranks it, it’s important to understand how attractive the content is to website visitors. Determine the quality of the visitor experience by finding out: Duration of visit.


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How much time does the visitor spend on the site? Page Views – How many USA CEO pages did your visitors view? Bounce rate – what percentage of visitors leave the site without any interaction? Why? If your page has a high bounce rate, you might think that the content isn’t engaging visitors quickly, or that it doesn’t line up with the page title. If you see high duration and high page views, it’s a good indication that people are very interested in the content. You can see these engagement metrics on the Similarweb site performance page, shown above. You can also analyze engagement by looking at the company’s marketing channels and website referrals.