What is cancellation culture

Don’t get me wrong: we don’t copy Noom’s ads. But we definitely wanted to see what elements worked for Noom and model/apply that knowledge to our first iteration of Found’s YouTube ad. Let’s take a closer look… gist . First Seconds Overwhelming “Stacking” Social Proof First, it’s critical to keep in mind YouTube’s in-stream ad structure: Five Seconds Later: A “Skip Ad” button appears Seconds: An “engagement” occurs when someone watches Seconds or clicks on your ad all All things being equal, higher engagement rates = cheaper traffic + lower CAC. More on that in a future post. These two milestones are especially important when dissecting exactly why Noom ads were so successful.

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The first goal of your YouTube ad: keep viewers stuck for a second or so. How El Salvador Phone Number List does Noom do this? By wrapping the first seconds with overwhelming, “stacked” social proof. Let’s see what Noom’s top-performing YouTube ad over the past few days has actually done. Note that in the first second, we encountered three overwhelming proofs: Noom’s first second overwhelming “stacking” social proof. The video immediately caught the attention of concerned users with these amazing results. In addition, the clip’s user-generated content UGC format makes the story more believable. Noom does a great job here, and many viewers will linger past the second or so, giving the app more time to spread the word.


How Cancellation Culture Manifests

Viewers are going to think “This Noom thing obviously works. These results USA CEO are amazing. But that begs the next question: “Will it work for me?” Because here’s the thing: the average adult tries a Different diets not to mention other methods such as exercise programs, supplements, etc. Chances are, this isn’t the first time our viewers are trying to lose weight. At this point, they might have thoughts like: “I tried XYZ to lose weight before and it didn’t work out because of ABC which leads us to the next major takeaway from Noom Videos.