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What can we do to create YouTube ads for Found? Modular Thinking: The “Lego Brick” Approach to Making Ads It’s helpful to think of ads in terms of building blocks, or “building blocks,” that you can stack together to create a complete ad. This gives you many options that you can mix and match to test and find the best combination of ad elements. Overview When you’re creating an ad, it’s often helpful to visualize the three main parts of the ad and start “scrapbooking” into them from the different elements you’ve research: Book” starts. Miro’s virtual project collage space is a great tool for the initial brainstorming phase of ad creation, pictur above is a screenshot of the Miro board we us for this brainstorming session.

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Watch the full minute-by-minute breakdown here to see how we “cut Estonia Phone Number List and paste” the way we get six new leads with Miro. Generating Leads. Overwhelming Social Proof Let’s start with a very direct lead, similar to this one from Noom. By cutting and pasting social proof from Found’s review page, we’ll see that we have a lot of options here. The homepage has some very impressive snapshots of results we can use – see below. Noom “scrapbook”. But on Found’s review page, there are actually hundrs of reviews. Often with more detail information about the user’s personal situation: Show Reviews. For the first lead, we took some of the most impressive weight loss results and “stack” them together in the first second: Some of the most impressive weight loss results and “stack” them in the first second together.


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Some of the most impressive weight loss results “stack” them together in the USA CEO first seconds. Shot: Now, of course, it’s up to Found to get those users to create user-generat content like Noom does. So they can actually get these proof of results in video format. . Emotional Story For this thread, let’s move to the other end of the thread. Spectrum and build a more indirect story thread that connects more with the audience’s emotions. Again, there are plenty of great examples in Found’s testimonials. But here’s one that really stands out: Discovery’s reviews. Here’s how we remix different elements from this proof into a brand new thread: Thread – Emotional story.

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