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However, in order to provide conversion data to Google as quickly and cost-effectively as possible so that we can cost-effectively expand to broad audiences later, thankfully we have found that Custom Audiences done correctly work better and better one. As a refresher, Google Ads Custom Audiences allow you to target users bas on: Their behavior in Google Search people who search for specific keywords Their browsing history people who brows similar URLs Here’s how you get start Screenshot of setting one up to target competitor URLs: Weight Loss Competitors Custom Segment. Typically, we’ll bundle about 3 keywords or URLs, group by topic, to create a Custom Audience.

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Here are three of our favorite things about using Custom Audiences Egypt Phone Number List Relevance: You can target audiences most likely to convert Show your ad to a demographic of customers. Competition: R Oceans vs. Blue Oceans: Instead of bidding with everyone else in a competition, you target Google’s “boilerplate” in-market or affinity audiences, you choose audiences that are relevant and siz. Price: Since you’re targeting unique parts of the internet, you’re more likely to get less competition in your ad bids and pay less for traffic than the more commonly us standardiz targeting options. Here are three ways we’ll fast-track your path to success with high-quality positioning, including a sneaky strategy that works really well.


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How to “Ethically Steal” Noom’s Paid and Organic Non-Brand Keywords In USA CEO this step. Simply use the Similarweb Keyword Tool to find the non-brand keywords that Noom is using through Google Search. Turning unsuspecting new users into customers . Then, use those keywords to build custom audiences and show YouTube ads to those people. Noom’s non-brand keywords. Why it works: These are proven keywords that Noom successfully drove top-of-funnel purchases. We’ll be repurposing the keywords for Found’s YouTube campaign. We’re not going to use these for Google Search we absolutely can. But we’re going to use these keywords as audience “ses” to build Custom Audiences. How to do it: Select “Non-brand keywords” in the keyword research tool and see the results. Get non-brand keyword results with Similarweb.