Vehicles Exempt From Ivtm and Bonuses

Your statement is being checked. Things are working. Your statement has been recorded in the treasury’s computer system and data such as income. Expenses and deductions are being verified in order to authorize the return. However, your return has been processed by the tax management bodies. Considering the refund requested by you to be in accordance. Without prejudice to the checks that may be carried out later by the tax agency bodies.

The data has been checked and everything is in order

Now all that remains is to wait for the payment of the indicated .Amount to be authorized and for the transfer to arrive in your current account. However, your declaration has been processed by the tax management bodie. And the data you have declared is not considered as compliant. If this notification Whatsapp Mobile Number List appears on the aeat. (state tax administration agency) website, it is most likely that the data contained in your.Return does not match those of the treasury or that your return contains an error. In the following days you should receive a notification with the applied corrections or a request for you to send additional documentation. Your statement has been processed by the tax management bodies. Estimating the refund requested by you.

However, its return is being verified

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Your declaration has been completed correctly but .Your tax debts must be calculated before authorizing the refund. However, if you have not yet paid the ibi or the circulation tax or if you have simply been fined for speeding. However, the amount to be returned will be used to settle your debts. If after paying your debts with the treasury there is still money left over. The remaining amount will be transferred to your account .

Your return has been issued on the xx/xx/xxxx day. However.If in 10 days you have not received the amount.Go to the delegation/administration of the tax agency corresponding to USA CEO your tax domicile. Good things take time to wait but they just come. This is the last notification you will .See before you receive your money. If 10 days after receiving this notification the money still does not arrive. You should contact your bank or the public administration to find out if there is a problem.

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