Your Return is Being Checked When is the Return Charged

If you have already made the income statement and you are waiting for your tax return. Like rain in may but when you consult the website of the tax agency a notification. Appears telling you that your return is being processed, do not despair, your money will end to arrive sooner or later.

Today we will talk about the deadlines and processing phases. In the return of your income taxes.

What does your statement is being checked mean

In the event that you have made your income statement and it has been returned to you. However, you must request the return of the money and wait for the. Treasury to carry out some checks before returning the money it owes you. If 6 months after the end of the period for presenting the income tax returns Phone Number List you still do not see a euro. You will be entitled to receive late-payment interest of 3.75%.

But before we tell you what would happen. However, If the treasury skips the return period of your irpf (personal income tax).Let’s see the procedures that must be carried out to. Approve returns of the income statement.

At the electronic headquarters of the tax agency you can check the status of .Your application by clicking on the ‘my files’ tab after identifying yourself with your digital certificate.Your cl@ve pin.Your dni or nie . Depending on the processing phase your file is in.One of the following notifications will appear each time you click on the ‘processing status’ section.

Your statement is being processed

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With this notification the return process begins. However, This notification means that the submitted documentation has been received correctly and is pending review.

The declaration with the indicated amount has not been USA CEO recorded or is in process. Check the amount.
There is also the possibility that your application has started on the wrong foot. If this notification appears, check if you have sent your return correctly or contact the tax agency.