What is Road Tax and How is It Paid

If you own a car, it is most likely that you are paying the circulation tax or ivtm (mechanical traction vehicle tax). To find out how much you have to pay for this annual tax. You will have to take into account factors such as the type of vehicle you have. Its cylinder capacity, its weight or the town in which you live.

What is the ivtm and who must pay for it

The circulation tax is a mandatory municipal tax for all owners of registered vehicles who want to legally drive on public roads in spain. The very name of the tax can lead to confusion, since it refers to mechanically-tracted vehicles. But the truth is that owners of hybrid or electric vehicles must also pay it. Although they will be able to benefit from discounts in many spanish cities and thus save every year. Large sums Database of money. It therefore applies to all wheeled vehicles such as cars. Trucks, motorcycles, vans and caravans.Buses or trucks. The tax period begins on the first day of the calendar year (january 1). But the voluntary payment period for this tax is usually between the months of april and june at the town hall of the town that appears on the vehicle’s registration certificate. This means that when a new or second-hand vehicle is sold. It will be the seller and not the buyer who has to pay the road tax corresponding to the year of sale.

How much is paid


According to the law, the amount to be paid for this tax varies depending on factors such as engine power.Weight or type of car (data included in the vehicle’s technical data sheet); but, ultimately. It is the municipalities that set the final rate. This situation causes melilla. A city considered a tax haven for this tax. To tax USA CEO the circulation of vehicles that have between 16 and 20 fiscal horsepower (cvf) with a tax 6 times less than san sebastián. A province with the highest ivtm. High. In the next table.

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