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Device split Device split provides insight into how audiences access websites. We can see that financial services websites are less and less affect by mobile trends over time. The data shows that the majority of search queries for these sites come from laptops and PCs. This makes sense since making investments or checking account statements requires more attention than an online order. As a result when it comes to money-relat decisions people tend to prefer the familiar surroundings of their home or office. Top sites in this category month to month: Desktop – Mobile Web – Top sites in this category Mobile Web – yr . yr . These metrics highlight the importance of providing users with a clear desktop The numbers are still high so it’s also important not to lose sight of a user-friendly mobile experience. Financial Services Benchmark.

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The App ition Mobile apps have become very popular for many people when it Belarus Phone Number List comes to handling finances on the go. When it comes to simply checking our account balance or quickly transferring money to a friend the convenience of using apps on our phones is paramount. Let’s take a look at the top five financial apps on the Google Store in the US and UK: Top 5 Financial Services Apps in the US and UK When looking at the top financial apps we found that while the average monthly visits in the US Much higher which can be attribut to a larger population but the UK is a close second in terms of install penetration. Key Engagement Metrics for Top Financial Apps in the US MMY-MM: Average Monthly Downloads – Ten Thousand Average Monthly Active Users – Ten Thousand Average Install Penetration Rate.


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Key for Top Financial Apps in the UK Engagement Metrics MMYYYY: Average USA CEO Monthly Downloads – .K Average Monthly Active Users – 10000 Average Install Penetration – .K Here is a summary of the app metrics we analyz: Install Penetration: The average percentage of devices in a given market that install the app Downloads: From the Google Android Store for a given time period Monthly Active Users: Average number of unique MAUs Ready to start benchmarking? For deeper analysis and to help you assess your position in the market use Similarweb’s digital research intelligence platform which can be appli across numerous industries for competitive benchmarking.