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So let’s see what else is in the calculation: Backlink Quality Google wants to provide searchers with quality content and aims to rank accordingly. Part of the consideration is the veracity, accuracy and reliability of the websites and pages linked to this website. Respectable sites do not link to dubious or dubious web pages. For example, a university site has links to research institutions and libraries. These contain factual, trustworthy information. Linking to these types of sites results in a strong link profile. Link profiles are one of the ways Google evaluates the quality of a website or web page by analyzing the type of content a website links to.

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A high link profile is understandably difficult to achieve. This is where keyword difficulty Belgium Phone Number List comes in. If the top-ranking pages for your target keyword have a strong link profile, it will be harder to rank for that keyword. To link to such pages, you first need to prove your worth and demonstrate authority in the field. This brings us to the next factor: domain authority and page authority. Domain Authority Domain Authority is about content quality, but also considers relevance. A website that frequently publishes informative and relevant expert content on Hot Air Balloons is considered an authority on the subject. This page has high domain authority. Now imagine that same site suddenly starts publishing articles about nail polish. This would look very suspicious to readers and to Google, since nail polish has nothing to do with hot air balloons, the site’s area of ​​expertise.


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Alternatively, a link from a nail polish seller to a hot air balloon site would USA CEO be irrelevant and potentially damaging to link profile and domain authority. Establishing domain authority takes time and effort. Domain authority remains low until your site can provide sufficient quality content for an industry or topic. Content Quality Content quality is a prerequisite for domain authority and enables a strong link profile. So why consider content quality alone? Glad you asked. Let’s assume keywords are a brand new product concept. There is currently no site with authority. Of course, there aren’t any high-quality backlinks either.

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