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Unlike Google SEO, Amazon SEO focuses on responding to people looking to buy. Why do I ne an Amazon SEO strategy? If you want to improve your performance on Amazon, you ne an Amazon SEO strategy. Having this strategy in place will improve your rankings and bring more intend shoppers to your product listings. Who wouldn’t want to increase Amazon sales? Did you know that traffic to financial services websites has dropp this year? Did you know that Google Pay is the second most download financial services app in the US and the most download financial services app in the UK.

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The financial services industry is one of the fastest changing of them all, initially Wuhan Mobile Phone Numbers driven by digital transformation, and the pandemic has only further exacerbat the disruption. Our industry benchmark series uses Research Intelligence to share all the key digital data points you ne in this market. So read on to discover more in-depth stats on financial services benchmarks and find out the top performers in the field. Total Financial Services Website Visits Total visits are a key metric for financial services and one of the first website performance metrics us to determine a website’s position in the marketplace. Total monthly visits to Financial Websites worldwide have grown by over the past two years, from 100 million per year to 100 million per year.


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The sharp uptick in visits makes sense, as COVID-19 has forc customers to access their USA CEO finances online. However, the number of visits to financial websites decreas in 2019 compar to . . Total visits in 2019 were slightly higher at 100 million. Likely due to the pandemic preventing people from accessing physical banks/services. From the perspective of the past two years as a whole. The total number of visits to the financial services category in the world in 2009 was 100 million, a year-on-year increase of . In 2019, the industry receiv a total of 100 million visits worldwide. The U.S. financial industry has also experienc a surge in traffic. Total visits increas by . – from 100 million to 100 million.

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