A learning method is your way

Preparing some snacks, coffee, tea, or other things that add to your mood for studying. Another study facility is providing study tables and chairs, because the body position will be good if we sit correctly. You can also add musical instrument facilities while studying. This can increase a person’s focus in studying. 4. Recognize study time A learning method is your way Imagination Books To find the right time to study, try reading books on heavy topics in the morning, afternoon, afternoon and evening. After that, choose the time you like the most or remember something the most. Make a routine agenda that makes you consistent in studying during these hours. 5. Create a study group 2 children reading while standing Accidentally meeting.

Friends who like studying is lucky

For us, because we will be invited to like learning and become accustomed to it. If you don’t feel that lucky, then you can create a study group on your own initiative. Study groups are forums for sharing and caring for each other. So that the learning whatsapp database outcomes during the discussion will be divided equally. This method is highly recommended for those of you who find it very difficult to learn and don’t want to learn. 6. Create motivation to study Motivation to learn A person’s learning motivation will adapt to the conditions and surrounding environment. Create motivation with a subject objective such as for the good of yourself or your parents. This motivation will accompany you as often as possible so that when you are lazy.

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About hugging your body, you will easily get back up and fight laziness. Recording your dreams in a book can be a way to remember your motivation. a vision and mission to achieve goals, likewise you need a vision and mission to achieve your life goals. Motivation will change if you dream continuously without writing it down and become someone USA Ceo who is inconsistent in achieving goals. 7. Good lighting layout Books in the dark Lighting is very important to help your eyes see what is being read in a book. To make your brain focus more on what you are reading, you can try lighting using a table lamp. Meanwhile, leave the lights in your room dark or dim.