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 Rather, this last profile justifies the prejudice and ignorance of the task of being a teacher, since if it is believ that being a teacher (by the same teacher) is transferring a type of knowlge (simple or complex) to an “empty” subject (supposly the student), obviously one can conceive that said task can be done by “anyone.” Perhaps, this is what has promot the mistaken belief in ease in the task of the classroom teacher. But if, given the complexity of the task assign, the school must respond by putting into operation intentional, deliberate teaching and learning situations that,

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when properly design, try to compensate for all the nes that arise, producing the type of learning that is ne, then In short, the principles and logical consequences will force us to think about a profile of business database a professional whose knowlge and skills consider with great attention each of the two poles of the well-worn and little-known teaching-learning loop.Now, well…I return to the previous question: can anyone create learning situations in a circumstance of variety of learning styles, different economic situations, different characters, various religious options, etc., etc.?

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Definitely, the lack of knowlge of these processes on the part of the majority of people (students, parents, administrators, etc.) causes a simplistic idea of ​​a task that is socially more than important. A task that should be reevaluat not only from a scientific point of view, but from an individual, social and even political USA CEO perspective: who trains our young people? How capable are those who have this responsibility? How much importance do we give it? as a society to our basic ucation? “Any professional can do the job of a teacher in a basic ucation classroom”,… you hear.