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 Being a basic ucation teacher in our country (initial, primary or secondary) is bath in prejudices and ignorance , not only on the part of those who mostly carry out this activity, but even more so on the part of those who constitute their usual context. Unfortunately, this situation has plac our school or college teachers on one of the lowest social and economic scales in recent times. In the following lines, I will try to briefly outline some arguments that rationally defend whether the current social condition, in which teachers find themselves, responds to reflective questions or are simply beliefs that have no basis.

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According to UNESCO (sf), “ucation shall aim at the full development of the human personality and the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freoms; “It will promote understanding, tolerance and friendship between all nations and all ethnic or religious groups (…) ” As will be seen, this objective translates into the fundamental task of the ucation professional, whether business lead he is a graduate of a pagogical institute or a faculty of ucation at any university. That is to say, if we had to summarize the task of a teacher in basic ucation, it would be the following : “Generate learning situations bas on compensation for the existing inequalities among their students and address the differences that these could cause.

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However, this does not stop there, since attention to diversity is also announc, which refers to the urgent ne for individualiz or personaliz teaching that should take into account the specific USA CEO learning nes of each student. Fac with the task describ, what type of knowlge and skills should the professional have who can achieve such an objective? Firstly, the profile of the teacher who only teaches addition, reading, and writing is discard; the one who teaches physics, chemistry or history. That is, the teaching teacher does not fit into this task of being an ucator .