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 It hurts us as an underdevelop society . We have a society that despises values: just look at the traffic and behavior on the streets. Families don’t always do a good job and the mia dumbs us down and materializes us more and more. Under these conditions, children arrive at school where ethical and attitudinal discourse, as well as intellectual discourse, fall on deaf ears. It looks nice to flag the city in the month of July, rosettes everywhere on national holidays, the “We are free” will resonate in many official events, but we consider that these external manifestations should be accompani by an “internal flagging”, an attempt to feel belonging to this country, to this soil, and understanding it as everyone’s soil , even if we are of different ethnicities, economic positions, places and religions.

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 A conviction that the idea of ​​the existence of Peruvians who “are not first class citizens” is a blunder, a cradle of hatr, revenge and pain. We ne to learn to respect it, take care of it, perhaps even value and defend it. We have to find possibilities, of course. It is an interdisciplinary task. The outlook business email list is not totally dark, there are people and nations that have fre themselves from their defects and limitations, are resilient and have heal their wounds, but there is a ne for leaders who, a common thing in these times, are only – for the most part – mia, corrupt and unintelligent.

Paul Says That Love

There is homework to do.There are vari activities and professions in our environment and each one has its importance and social prestige. Lawyers, teachers, engineers, carpenters, bricklayers, athletes, etc., etc. Each has a relative level USA CEO of difficulty, depending on the circumstances of the subject who develops them, the complexity of the object, etc. Some, however, have a very high or very low social prestige that does not withstand an analysis of pragmatic, social or scientific foundations. Perhaps the most specific case is that of ucation as a professional activity.

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