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 We celebrate battles lost for the most part, and we raise the honor of our heroes, whose portraits on the walls of schools no longer mean anything to our schoolchildren, who are not able to recognize them in a book. Many of these would rather have photos of their “reality” characters post. A country with an absent, distant and lazy father figure; when not tyrannical and cruel . Perhaps that is why we find it difficult to accept rules and we always seek to get around the norm, whether it is a politician, a soccer player, a student or a client we are talking about.

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 It is difficult for us to incorporate the idea of ​​respect, fair authority or authority after all. It is also difficult to talk about a collective identity when for decades we have seen that certain national traditions and customs have been lost as a result b2b leads of globalization, what the Canadian sociologist Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) call “the global village” in which has convert much of the planet. Migrations from all sides, uncontroll tourism, foreign fashions, the mia, the prevailing technology and foreign advertising are undermining those bastions that defend a common history, suddenly a fragile but common history.

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Today the youngest boys not only do not know the history of the country (which is not necessarily a problem since not knowing is natural, the real problem is that they USA CEO are not interest in knowing it) but they admire the fashions, customs and values ​​of their ” “mia stars” that range from “hip hop” and cumbia singers, to consumerist “yuppies”, figures from “reality” or “animes”. Today Peru is a poorly put together mixture of flavors, models, songs and customs, not always of quality. Peru hurts many of us.

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