Lot of Segregationism in Contrast to the

 literature contest lima humanities center The call was well receiv and our young people demonstrat their talent in two categories: Essay and Poetry. The awarding of said contest took place the last week of June, during a ceremony in which artistic numbers present by our students and teachers from different specialties stood out. In this national month we pose some questions: What does it mean to be Peruvian? What does he represent? Can the fact of being born in the same country entail a collective identity? What unites us Peruvians? (if there is “something” that unites us) Is there a feeling of Peruvianness?

Call to Love Makes Us

All of these are valid questions, especially in a complex and complicat country like Peru. But there is not only one Peru if we think of ours as a multiracial, multilingual and multiethnic country. There are b2b email list Peruvians who could well pass for European citizens because of their way of thinking, feeling and behaving, or because of their economic income and lifestyles, aspirations, goals and even their particular problems, not to mention physical aspects.

Understand How Far

On the other hand, there is an immense group of Peruvians who live far from the big cities, with their backs turn to almost everything and for whom the arm of USA CEO the State does not reach them, except to receive sanctions when they decide to go on strike or when visiting for political campaigns. treats. There yes, “your vote counts.” We think that our country is a fragment country, wound in its self-esteem, our self-esteem was hit since the crude conquest and we still hear the shrapnel of the Chilean occupation of the 19th century.