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This method is effective in making the eyes focus on one existing light. to remember things well. Study techniques with disciplined time when taking breaks and continuing to study. This method is quite effective because our brain needs to process a few minutes to accommodate and digest important things. Please remember that during breaks, avoid playing games. For more details, you can visit the following link Pomodoro Learning Technique 3. Facilitate yourself in learning Book market The next learning support is to facilitate yourself with several surrounding objects as needed. An example of these facilities is Because you won’t be tempted. To look in another direction because it’s dark.

Books are very safe to read in a dim

Room because in ancient times people also learned to use candle lights that were not too bright. 8. Stay away from gadgets during study hours Focus on studying without gadgets This step is suitable for those of you who are addicted to playing with gadgets and makes whatsapp number list you forget the time. Understand the worst effects of playing with your gadget for too long and set aside certain hours to turn your gadget into a book. When studying, make your gadget silent , the sound of messages or telephone calls will disturb us when we focus on studying. If you lose focus while studying, we will be tempted to choose another focus that is more exciting. 9. Study successful biographies Fantasy book There is a saying that “you will.

Supportive enough to motivate

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Not be much different from the environment you are in”. If your environment is not you to study, reading a biography book will put you in the environment of the successor. This is a very helpful way to get your motivation USA Ceo and inspiration. Usually, biographical books often provide dark history that does not escape human life. Through this dark life biography, you will learn that you are not alone and that there are examples of successful people who can keep laziness at bay. 10. Get enough sleep People sleep A good sleep duration is usually 8-10 hours a day, this sleep time can be divided into two, namely during the day and at night.

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