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Brand advocates are loyal customers of a brand who support and defend its interests, whether online or offline. Typical representatives of this phenomenon can be found in and users. An account is a personal page create for a user after registering on the site. An account is require to use all features of the platform: post photos on Facebook, shop on Facebook, take online courses, etc. A social network algorithm is the principle of intelligently sorting content in a social network’s news fee. The algorithm decides which posts to show users first base on their behavior and interests.

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A brand ambassador or brand ambassador is someone who represents a Belgium Phone Number List particular company’s products. He loves the brand, uses its product or service, and actively talks about it to his audience. Ambassadors earn rewards from brands. Bans are restrictions on user actions on network resources that violate site rules. Depending on the frequency and severity of the misconduct, the account is temporarily or permanently banne, in other words blocke. Robots are programs that automatically perform the same type of actions base on a given scenario. Typically, bots mimic the actions of online internet users: subscribing to other profiles, liking, spamming and commenting, etc. Video clips up to seconds long can be create in the service.

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Today, the service is defunct, and the humorous clips are often calle Vine. is a free promotion where two bloggers talk about each other in their accounts. If blogger followers are your target audience, they are more likely to be intereste in your blog and subscribe to it. Simply put, a webinar is an online course . This is an online format training session with a speaker leader and an audience of one to thousands. During the broadcast, users can see the host or presentation and can write questions in the live chat. It is a blog in video format, where the author publishes videos instead of text and photos.