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According to the annual report of and, at the beginning of the year, the number of Internet users worldwide reached 100 million, and social networks had 100 million users. Despite bans and restrictions, Russian companies and bloggers are not leaving social networks, developing new platforms and continuing to use Tools to promote personal and business brands. In this dictionary we have analyzed the most important terms in , which will be useful both for experts and for any active user of social networks. Additionally, we share collections of interesting articles, step-by-step instructions, and lessons that will help you along the way.

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Hide article content Key terms of the world Summary of key terms of the world Belarus Phone Number List We explain several terms in the field of promotion in simple language and examples: from ambassador and to, and. , or social media marketing, is a method of promoting personal and corporate brands through social networks: , , classmates, , , etc. Maintaining pages on social networks allows companies and specialists to increase their visibility, attract new clients and thus increase sales. We discussed promotion in social networks in our article: Details about what it is and how it works or call-to-action is the element that encourages consumers to take targeted action.

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Buy a product or service, subscribe to a community or Newsletter, Donate, Take Vote, etc. Buttons USA CEO Add to Cart and 1-Click Buy Example Buttons in Product Cards Add to Cart and 1-Click Buy Giveaways, or giveaways, are great ideas for bloggers and brands to increase their presence on social networks Various contests and sweepstakes organized by Lier. means to allocate. The prizes in are goods, services, discounts, promo codes, money, etc. Highlights are albums that contain timeless stories. In it, users can save content from a story if they want to keep it in their account and save it hours after posting. There are also highlights called themes.