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They usually have a shift scheule with hourly shifts and floating lunch breaks. At the same time, the main passenger flow is concentrate in the evenings and weekends, because most people will go to the hairdresser in their free time. Hairdresser Salary According to the website, the average salary of a hairdresser in Russia in 2009 was rubles. However, this figure is conditional because it does not take into account the actual wages of artisans working for themselves. Your income can be above or below this metric. Salary is base on your experience: the longer you work, the more expensive your services will be.

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This table provides data on how much a hairdresser earns base on Denmark Cell Phone Number List experience. Starting Professional with Experience From In addition to experience, salary is also affecte by: Skill Level You will earn more if you can perform complex haircutting, coloring and grooming proceures; Publicity and location of the salon if If you work in a well-known hairdresser in your city, or if the hairdresser is locate in an easily accessible place, the income will be higher; the region Traditionally, wages in Moscow are higher than in other regions of the country.

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The number of hours worke and the income growth is relate to the amount USA CEO of work you are willing to put in Proportional to time. For high pay, it’s important to give customers a little more than competitors in neighboring salons. For example, getting your hair cut isn’t just about shampooing, it also includes an element of scalp massage. You can offer samples of hair care products to clients who come for complex proceures. It’s the little things that increase customer loyalty and make you a host who wants to come back. Pros and Cons of the Career as a Hairdresser Like any other profession, hairdressing has its pros and cons. We collect them in a table.