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However, this will require the creation of two warehouses for different types of products. However, they can be at the same address. Real fetal bovine serum is use in the warehouse, you can sell anything that is not prohibite by market rules and laws. With this working scheme, act as a virtual storefront, and you’re in charge of the rest: storing products in your warehouse, processing orders and delivering them to buyers, and accepting returns. You decide where to sell and how much to sell.

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You can also create a warehouse with express delivery. Then you will nee to Conduit CN process and dispatch the order as quickly as possible: it must be delivere within hours of the date of purchase. We have collecte the characteristics of these schemes in the table: Fixe base operator FBS Genuine FBS for whom Legal entities and sole traders Legal entities, sole traders and sole traders Whose Warehouse where Ozone Minerals are sold throughout Russia, up to the whole of Russia, up to choose yourself who collects and packs the order Ozone autonomously within hours after placing the order autonomously who calculates the delivery time Ozone Ozone you or courier service Who delivers Ozone, but you yourself transfer the goods to the collection point or the courier you.

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Auchan partners or third party courier service options can be USA CEO combine. Let’s say you work for , but want to expand your product assortment and start selling building materials. Ozone warehouses cannot store such goods, so in addition, warehouses nee to be create according to or plan. In addition to sales, there are two forms of cooperation with: opening a self-pickup point and participating in a referral program to attract new sellers You can combine them all Seller costs on the marketplace You have to pay for the use of the marketplace infrastructure.

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