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Now let’s see what products you can sell in the market if you are an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity. Daily tips from digital tutors right in your Telegram! SUBSCRIBE CHANNEL SUBSCRIBE WHAT YOU CAN SELL WHAT YOU CANNOT SELL At first glance, sell everything in the world: books, sports equipment, clothing, furniture, antiques, cosmetics, food, etc. However, there are many rules and prohibitions relate to commodities, and the marketplace has the right to sever cooperation with sellers in violation of these rules and prohibitions. Let’s look at the main limitations. This product is a prohibite product.

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The list of prohibite items includes alcohol and tobacco products, meicines Changsha Mobile Phone Number List precious metals, animals, live plants, various weapons, etc. A natural question is whether jewelry can be sold if the sale of precious metals is banne. Spoiler alert: yes, but with conditions. The rules allow the sale of jewelry bearing the mark of the Russian State Appraisal Office, as well as silver items made in Russia. Grante, sellers still nee access to the Jewelry category which we discuss below. The product is counterfeit or counterfeit. You cannot come to the market with fakes and replicas of designer goods. However, the sale of such products is prohibite at the legislative level. Goods are prohibite from being shippe through Auchan Logistics.

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Depending on the scenario, the description contains a list of products that USA CEO can only be self-delivere from your warehouse. Modes are discusse in the next section. Such commodities include gas cylinders, flowers, seelings, fireworks, etc. It is forbidden to store the goods in the warehouse of Ouzheng. Many things can only be store in your warehouse according to OR scheme. This includes large items such as doors, windows, bathtubs, showers, industrial fans, building materials, and more. This product requires permission from the copyright owner. If a trademark or a trademark of a brand is registere as an intellectual property object in Russia or around the world, only authorize persons can sell products of the brand.