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Fill in the company information. Indicate the taxpayer identification number of self-employe persons and sole entrepreneurs, company name or full name, country of registration and place of work of the seller. Choose the field of activity: Commodities you sell products; Services you do charity work or sell lottery tickets; Brands control the quality of products sold by other sellers on your behalf. Self-employe persons can only sell products, while legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can combine trade with brand representation. Services cannot be combine with anything.

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Then come up with the name of the store, select the main categories Exit Mobile Phone Numbers of goods, and indicate the quantity of goods in stock and sales experience. In Account Settings: Fill in the require data in the Company Information section; Upload, or format the require documents in the Company Documents section; Specify the company details in the Payment Details section. Finally, agree to the processing of personal data and send your account for verification. Accept the offer for Ozone. If the data verification is successful, the seller’s account will be activate. In the office, you will be offere to come to an agreement with the market. Read the text carefully and click to accept the offer if everything suits you. Choose a work plan.

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Remember the characteristics of each form of cooperation and choose the USA CEO most suitable one. Note that for schemes you nee to connect electronic document management. With the setup done let’s move on to populating the store. How to add products to marketplace store. You can manually add products to marketplace with the help of auxiliary tools: Templates, Forms, and . Consider different ways to make cards. Create a new card manually. You’ll nee to write a unique sales description for your product, explain its features, add high-quality photos and videos. We have prepare a step-by-step guide for card design for you: How to fill out a product card: market photo and description Copy your product business card.

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