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Improve your audience targeting What is it? Google Ads offers a variety of audience targeting filters, such as demographics, location, interests, gender (to name a few, to ensure your ads are shown to the most relevant users. All you may need to do is improve your audience targeting to attract potential customers. Why does it work? Irrelevant targeting or targeting that is too broad will often result in lower impressions because it lowers ad quality. But too many filters can also reduce your impression. So find a middle ground and think hard about your positioning. How can you replicate it? Apply geotargeting filters to limit your ad to your targeted area.

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Additionally, target audience interests to increase ad relevance. Be careful with other Nepal Phone Number List filters like gender and age though, as overtightening them can lower your impression. . Filter negative keywords What is it? You can use negative keywords to tell Google not to show your ad for specific search queries. Why does it work? Applying a negative keyword filter can prevent irrelevant impressions and clicks on your ad and help Google narrow down your target audience. This will improve your overall impression share because it will improve your ad’s Quality Score. How can you replicate it? Identify keywords or terms that you don’t want Google to target when your ad is shown, and enter them into the negative keyword filter when setting up your ad. Keep refining and improving your listing.

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Increase the budget What is it? Your advertising budget is the amount you are USA CEO prepared to spend on your Google Ads campaign. Why does it work? When your campaign budget is low, Google will automatically reduce the frequency of your ads to evenly distribute your ads over the duration of your selected campaign. So, increasing your budget will naturally increase your impressions as well. How can you replicate it? When you have a perfectly optimized ad targeting the right audience and keywords, the likely reason for low impression share is your limited budget. Once you increase your campaign budget, Google will start showing your ads to your audience.