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The simple act of encouraging customers to share images of what they’ve purchased can inspire friends to do the same. Referral Marketing in the Digital Marketing World Before the internet, you could just take a friend to the neighborhood store you’ve been going to with your mom since you were three. The owner will greet you by name and slip some lollipops into your shopping bag for your kids. He’ll give you a wink and shake your friend’s hand after she finishes packing the groceries. It’s not that simple in the digital realm (but it’s simpler in some ways.

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First, you have to let people know that they can earn rewards for referring a friend. of Americans Tunisia Phone Number List say they share special offers and deals with family and friends. Next, you need a system to trace new buyers back to referrals. This can be easily achieved by providing a link code. The code is personal to existing customers, and when a newcomer uses it to make a purchase, the system recognizes who provided it and rewards it. Rewards can be discounts, cash back, or coupons for your next purchase. This way, you can win new customers and encourage existing customers to buy again. Social media has breathed new life into this style of marketing.

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Adding social sharing buttons is easy with referral codes. When someone shares on USA CEO social media, they reach a much larger audience than any other usually oneonone form of communication. Graphical representation of the percentage of companies using referral marketing vs. affiliate marketing. Interestingly, statistics show that of brands are running affiliate programs, but only of companies have a formal referral program. What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a concept built on digital advertising partnerships in which one party owns the product and the other provides the means to promote it. When the promotion works, the product owner compensates the publisher.