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It seems like just about every commercial website—and many noncommercial websites—participates in affiliate marketing in some way. There are several reasons: of marketers use affiliate marketing to increase brand awareness. of marketers use affiliate marketing to attract existing customers. The difference between affiliate marketing and referral marketing differs significantly in three areas: relationship, type of reward, and medium of sharing. But, as a business, you also need to look at purpose, scale and operational implementation. We list referral vs. affiliate marketing in the table below: Referral Marketing Affiliate Marketing Referrers are clients.

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Affiliates are business partners. Rewards are tied to the Turkey Phone Number List supplier (discounts, vouchers, etc. Affiliates receive actual payments Referral marketing targets individuals or groups of individuals Affiliate marketing targets general audiences requires some relationship between referrer and refer There is no relationship between affiliate and new customer Personal recommend. Use of Advertising and Publishing Technologies. Build trust and loyalty. drive traffic. Increase chances of repeat purchases. Generate leads. Scope limited to your client base Virtually unlimited scalability Requires minimal setup and monitoring Can be turned into a business unit to manage program Onetime campaign Ongoing business relationship Referrer requires no technical skills Some technical proficiency from affiliates required Similarities Between Affiliate Marketing and Referral Marketing Both are costeffective because the resources and investment are lower than most other forms of digital marketing. In both marketing concepts, the person promoting the product does not own or sell it.

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Both referrers and affiliates are paid based on performance or actions taken. Both USA CEO concepts aim to expand reach and bring in more business. Neither referral nor affiliate marketing is campaignbased; both are ongoing marketing techniques. Each approach requires a certain level of trust between the parties involved. Both methods use similar linking and tracking techniques. Affiliate vs. Referral Marketing What’s Right for You? This might not be the right question. When choosing your marketing strategy, there is no need to pit affiliate marketing against referral marketing. Companies can choose one, apply both, or neither.

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