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A private expert nees rubles for one makeup session on average, and can do makeup for 2 clients at the same time in a month. Pros and Cons of Being a Makeup Artist In order to make an informe choice about a major and not be deceive by your expectations, you nee to consider the major from all sides. We have collecte the main pros and cons of a makeup artist job in a table: Pros Cons You don’t nee towers, make-up lessons in the course are enough Not a boring creative career, every makeup is unique Work in the state or work for yourself Unlimite income Discount brande cosmetics have opportunities at fashion events, fashion shows and working with celebrities.

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Many growth areas of the industry work completely offline and on their feet Phone Number List Makeup The knowlege and skills require to be a makeup artist and the ability to make up makeup and draw straight arrows are certainly not enough to be a makeup expert. Let’s consider in more detail the work of a make-up artist and the knowlege he nees for this: A specialist in the basics of color and beauty nees to analyze the color type and characteristics of the client’s skin, on the basis of which, the palette of cosmetics and the appropriate cosmetics are selecte Makeup Tips Smoky Ice, Cat Eye, Banana, Contour, Strobe and Drape.

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These and other makeup application techniques should be in any USA CEO professional makeup artist’s arsenal; Makeup Types Professionals must understand the characteristics of day, night and age makeup, In order to be able to create images for podiums, photo and video shoots, wedings and other events; Trend professionals nee to know the trends in the beauty industry, be able to combine modern and classic makeup techniques and be ready to experiment. Hard skills will make you a makeup artist, but there are certain personality traits that are require to be a successful makeup artist.