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With the help of cosmetics, it creates a certain visual image, emphasizes the beauty of a person and smooths out skin imperfections. Today, nearly every woman can afford a trip to a makeup artist, though men aren’t far behind. Many brides, graduates, models as well as actors, bloggers and TV presenters turn to beauty services. Depending on what the make-up artist does outside of make-up, the following professions can be distinguishe: Make-up artist stylist Create the overall image according to the nees of customers: make-up and hair; make-up artists and beauticians not only understand makeup techniques.

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Also understand the basics of beauty, and can choose skin care products C Level Contact List suitable for customers; make-up artists and eyebrow artists can perform daily makeup and evening makeup, and Correction, styling, coloring and styling of eyebrows; consultant makeup artist advises cosmetic buyers, helps choose the right products and creates quick makeup for visitors. Work in the corporate corner of a cosmetics store or brand; do makeup for TV presenters, theater and film actors. It can alter the appearance of a person under an image: imitating scars, cuts, aging skin, etc. Here’s what an expert with years of makeup experience has to say about her career path: How I Became a Makeup Artist Alexandra Nikitina, Makeup Artist I became a makeup artist almost by accident.

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I wante to be involve in photography , but I never wante to be a USA CEO photographer, and in modeling I didn’t pass height. I didn’t have the money for some increible eucation, so I starte my business by assisting an already working makeup artist: While she was doing her client’s makeup, I use her curling iron to curl her curls. She then collects them into beautiful hairstyles, while I paint eyelashes and lips for clients and I do things that don’t require special skills.