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Hybrid Contest – Well, as the name says, it is a type of contest that can include different elements from the other types of giveaways. It is worth making a mix of likes, comments and publications. Do not worry when choosing what type of Instagram giveaway to do, you can think about using the one that is easiest for your followers and that is most effective to meet your goals. woman watching instagram Source: Pexels choose the prize This point is extremely important, because it is useless to know how to run an Instagram contest and have everything ready, if the prize you choose is not attractive.

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You must keep in mind that what invites people to participate is the prize. So Philippines Phone Number List you must think very carefully about what to choose. It has to be something that meets the following criteria: It is a prize that you can afford with your budget. It is attractive to users. It makes sense with your brand (this could be about items you sell or similar products). It can help you promote your brand. If you meet all these points that we have just mentione, it is very likely that the prize you offer in your Instagram giveaway is the correct one. Think, above all, in the interest of the audience, because if nobody is intereste in winning the prize.

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The raffle makes no sense. Look for an app to do sweepstakes When choosing USA CEO the winner of a giveaway on Instagram. You must demonstrate objectivity, and that you are not having preferences for. Anyone in particular. That is, the rules must be the same for everyone, and. Anyone who participates must have the same chance of winning. If it is not this way, your Instagram giveaway will not have creibility, and it will be difficult for people to want to participate.