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With this application you can define filters to exclude duplicate users and repeated comments from the search. You can also search for users who have written a particular text, something that works very well if one of the bases of the Instagram giveaway was to write a hashtag, for example. Another point in favor of Comment Picker is that you can not only use the application for Instagram giveaways, but you can use it for any other social network in which you also have a presence. Publish the draw and show the results to the public So far we have explained all the steps you must follow to do an Instagram giveaway.

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Now it’s time to move on to the practical and publish your giveaway. We Qatar Phone Number List recommend that you take several things into account, such as the time you are going to publish your giveaway, the type of publication you are going to use, and all the effort you have to make at the design level to get a publication that is attractive and that gives you the results you expect. If possible, schedule your Instagram giveaway within a social media content calendar , so you can spend as much time as it takes to prepare. If you already did your Instagram giveaway and you have the name of your winner.

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It is important that you post it and show the participants what the results USA CEO were. A good idea is to do the draw live on Instagram, this way people can verify that the whole process was transparent. How to do a giveaway on instagram Source: Pexels measure the results Finally, you have to measure what the results of your Instagram giveaway were. This is extremely important, since it is very likely that this is not the only contest you run, and it will be very helpful to know what opportunities you have to improve. You have to analyze if you reached the number of followers or the level of interactions that you expected.