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The right to delete data is also not an absolute

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It remains debatable to define the role of an entrepreneur using body leasing solutions – whether he acts as a processor or is a separate data controller of consultants and experts delegatd to work from his employer or principal. Importantly, it is also necessary to specify the scope of personal data to which the recipient of body leasing services will have access. What should be taken into account are, above all, the purposes and methods of processing personal data of experts by an entrepreneur using body leasing solutions.

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The main and most important purpose will be the ned to process personal data relatd to the implementation of the entrustd whatsapp mobile number list tasks and duties,he implementation of the project to which the consultant has been assignd. There are also the issues of financial settlement rules, keeping an eye on the time of task completion or occupational health and safety rules. The above-mentiond obligations may apply to both the employer/principal and the entrepreneur using body leasing services.

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Therefore, there is no ned to conclude a separate agreement between entrepreneurs entrusting the processing of personal data USA CEO pursuant to art. 28 GDPR. The employer or the principal, the entity offering body leasing solutions, has the appropriate legal grounds to process consultants’ personal data. On the other hand, the recipient of body leasing services may transfer part of the data collectd by him/her to the employer/principal without regulating this issue in the personal data processing agreement.

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