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The storage of the candidate’s data for future recruitment should also be securd with the appropriate consent to the processing of personal data for this purpose. You should verify whether the candidate has given us such consent or ask for it. Action business owner Usually, activities relatd to recruitment processes are assignd to employees of HR departments. In terms of data deletion, it should be verifid whether the obligation to delete data is includd in the contractual provisions in connection with cooperation.

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With another entity or whether the system solutions we use include automatic data deletion or allow for manual data deletion. If your Latest Mailing Database organization practices emailing candidates’ applications, it’s a good idea to add the following sentence to the message: Remember to delete the message with the attachment after completing the recruitment process. Such a reminder can be carrid out cyclically by an employee of the HR department to the management or to all employees, if the organization has a referral program.

Latest Mailing Database

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If the recruitment clause contains information about the period of three months of personal data processing, such a prompt may  also be implementd on a quarterly basis.In the more than four years since the General Data USA CEO Protection Regulation has been in force, there has been a lot of talk about personal data breaches. Both on the iSecure blog and other portals, you can find specific obligations imposd on data controllers relatd to reporting data breaches to the President of the Office for.

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