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Will be like in the image below. Coding PHP Output Coding Example in Python Likewise, when you use another programming language, when you write program code in another programming language, it means you are carrying out coding activities . For example, you will perform an addition operation using the Python programming  coding you have to pay attention to syntax rules. It is very important for you to obey these syntax rules. Because a computer is a machine that is only able to receive codes or commands that you enter. If you do not write code according to the syntax rules and you write the code incorrectly.

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Cannot be executed by the computer. If you are reading this article using a computer, please right-click in your web browser window. Then select “view page source”, then a script will language, with program code like the following. bilangan1  tambah = bilangan1 + bilangan2 print PENJUMLAHAN::”) print(“Hasil Penjumlahan :”, tambah) When whatsapp database you run the addition operation program code using the Python programming language, the results will be like in the image below. Coding Python Output Where to Start Learning Coding Coding Once you understand what coding is . Are you starting to be interested in learning to code ? You need to know that learning to code is not as easy as expected and also not as difficult as you .

The most important thing is your

Imagine.intention and seriousness when learning coding , and also an attitude of never giving up because when you learn coding you will often encounter errors so you have to resolve these errors so that your program code can be run by the computer. In the internet era like now, you can easily find coding learning materials . You USA Ceo just have to search for it via the Google search engine or via YouTube. However, you should learn coding by following steps that suit your abilities. So that you don’t have difficulty finding the coding learning materials that you need to learn. It’s best if you learn coding through Dicoding . Dicoding is a startup in Indonesia that provides an online learning platform to produce digital talent for industrial needs.