What is Amazon FBA what is it for

Have you heard of “Amazon FBA”? In Spain, as soon as we mention this “giant” of online sales, we think of a place where we can buy almost everything, with an enviable organic positioning and with the most important thing of all: an almost unbeatable reputation, so that the user decide to buy in one or another eCommerce. Therefore, it is likely that if you have a store with little success, you have always looked at Amazon with a certain admiration, dreaming of a possible synergy to boost your sales . Well, this is now a reality, thanks to its “FBA” initiative, which you will learn about in detail today. And, thanks to this platform, they themselves are the ones in charge of practically everything.

What is Amazon FBA Spain?

Amazon FBA is a system that allows anyone to sell their products within this Marketplace, with the advantage job function email list of being able to physically store them in Amazon warehouses, so that they are responsible for sending them to your customers, managing possible returns and to provide better customer service. In other words, you send your Stock to their Spanish and/or European warehouses (either one or hundreds of different products) and they are in charge of managing all the work related to the logistics that the future sales of those products will entail. . It is important to note that this does not mean that we stop having responsibilities as a seller to customers.

What do the acronym "FBA" mean?

Advantages: although from everything said so far you have already been able to venture some of the benefits of this system, here I will summarize USA CEO them all point by point. Amazon Prime : your products will become available within “Prime”, so they will be accessible to the platform’s most loyal customers. Branding on the packages: just the simple fact that the packages delivered carry the packaging and logos of this company will give an “plus” of motivation so that the sale of your products is more recurring. International expansion of your catalog, since they will be visible to all types of end customers in other countries. You may not have your own online store : this would be a somewhat extreme case, but at a given moment.

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