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Plus, there are absolutely no ads. In case you don’t plan to use the service on an ongoing basis, it’s also handy where you can buy drawings piece by piece. In the tariff there is an option to buy it once, without a time limit, for only rubles. by As an example, we’ll see how the service that determines the winner in a drawing works. They work the same way. How to use to determine the winner of the contest We will tell you step by step how to determine the winner of the game in the service.

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Step registration. Sign up for the service and get your first three uses for free Hungary Phone Number List The service gives you three days to familiarize yourself with its features before charging a monthly subscription fee. Bonuses are automatically credited once the card is linked. However, if you have a promo code, you can enter it in the menu on the Enter promo code tab. Steps are drawn. Copy the link to the sweepstakes post and paste it into the field on the home page of the service, then click the Start Sweepstakes button. To get a link to a post, open it in the app, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen, and select the Copy Link option. To get a link to a post, open it in the app at step  Winner’s entry.

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Waiting to collect information about the number of participants, likes, and USA CEO comments. This takes about a minute, but could be longer if there are many participants. step. now you. Choose the prize amount and conditions for the winner. You can choose from the following criteria: check chamomile and account subscriptions; check friends’ tags in comments; verify sponsors and any other account’s subscriptions. Winners will be up to the maximum number of people. This is especially handy if you’re doing something like this.