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Of course, to get good results, you need to prepare your account for the influx of people, making it more interesting. Running a contest with an empty profile is an unjustifiable waste of money and energy because participants have no reason to stay. So, for maximum reach, we recommend that you start by gaining at least some kind of audience and publishing at least a few posts. Engagement growth before and after a game Chart of growth in engagement before and after a game Mistakes during a game The first drawer runs the risk of making a lot of mistakes.

To face the first difficulties

We’ll analyze the most important and common of these to help you avoid Iceland Phone Number List them, and learn how to run sweepstakes and contests. The condition of the contest is to write an unlimited number of words in the comments. will treat this as spam and consider this publication suspicious. This monotonous message under the photo is more like cheating than conscious user behavior. Furthermore, the ability to adjust the chances of winning so easily makes the playing field unequal. It is recommended to allow multiple comments only on the condition of tagging friends, as this will increase the limit. The activity is weak during the game. Even if earlier you were writing a story a week and not feeling a dip in activity, during the game you need to tighten your belt and show signs of life every day.

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The easiest way is through stories. Connect with your audience and get USA CEO them enthusiastic about the results. Wrong target audience. If you don’t affect users who could theoretically become your active subscribers or even customers, you’ll end up with free downloaders and a bunch of unsubscribers. The organizers forgot that the contest posts really needed promotion. Run targeted ads or order posts from bloggers to keep your audience interested. Be sure to alert this post in your stories, as stories are generally viewed more than profiles. Conditions that are too difficult scare off participation. Don’t be enthusiastic, two or three points are enough.

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