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Microbloggers are bloggers who have subscribers. Despite being relatively small in number, Weibo’s audience tends to be more active and content-engage than the audience of larger bloggers. Moderation is the process of checking that a post, ad, comment, message, or other content complies with site rules. Cheating is artificially increasing the number of likes, subscribers, views, comments and other parameters on a web page. You can use bots or real users to spoof indicators. Refers to aspiring bloggers with fewer than 1 followers. Covers are design elements for communities on social networks. Represents the rectangular banner at the top of the page where an image, series of images, or a short video is uploade.

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Cover of Official Community Cover of Official Community Delaye Posting See Changsha Mobile Phone Number List Autopost Reach How many unique users viewe your post. Reach only considers different accounts if you open a post from one account times, the reach will still be equal. Viral spread The number of social network users who have seen the publication, even though they are not subscribers to your account or community. Retweets help increase viral reach. Shows the number of users who saw your post through paid promotion. Organic reach is the number of people who saw your posts when you weren’t using paid promotion.

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Impressions The number of times your post was displaye on a user’s USA CEO screen. There is no uniqueness linke to an account, so impressions are always higher than achieve. Seeing is the spreading of information about a company or product in places where a project’s target audience lives. Crop is known as Paid Posting in the community on the relate topic. Brand Ambassador View Brand ambassador posts are content poste on social networks in the form of photos, videos, text, or a combination of both. Promote posts are posts that you promote using targeting. It will be seen not only by subscribers, but also by other users of the social network if they belong to your target audience. On an outpost, there is usually a marker ad record.

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