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How to Create a Community of Loyal Brand Customers You will learn from our selection of community management courses. Conversion rate is the ratio of the number of users who complete a targete action (such as purchasing a product or subscribing to a newsletter) to all visitors to a website or community on a social network. . Content is information publishe on the site in various formats videos, posts, stories, tracks in , etc. Brande content is use to create and or place content where users receive rewards from sponsore brands. Viral content is posts that users actively share on social networks. An example of viral content are memes.

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Content Plan a list of topics for future publications and their publication scheule Anhui Mobile Phone Number List on a blog, social network, or website. Help organize content and post it regularly. Creativity is the visual component of advertising. May contain video clips, one or a series of images. Cross-posting is placing the same publication on multiple resources. is a free way to increase account activity. You write down when the upvote starts and its conditions, for example, how many times you upvote your post and how many previous commenters. After the conditions are met, the user writes “I want to like” under the like time, and continues the heart-to-heart communication.

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A landing page is a single web page that contains information about a USA CEO product or service. Most of the time, users arrive at the landing point when they leave the ad. The purpose of such pages is to encourage targete actions placing an order, subscribing to a newsletter, leaving a phone number, etc. You don’t have to know programming and design to design a high-quality one-pager. Just take a good course in creating landing pages. Potential customers are internet users who have shown interest in a product or service. The manager’s task is to persuade the leader to buy, that is, to turn him into a customer. Opinion leader See Influencer tab with personal message in social network and other web resources.

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