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Table of contents i am Javier Jiménez rua. Co-founder of totem together with Javier Pérez arrant. Totem is a personalize jewelry brand you enter the web, click on record. And record a message with your voice, which we turn into jewelry. Many use it as a gift because then you can . To the jewel from your mobile . We start with the voice and now we have many other things. About me i am passionate about creation and feelings. I studi industrial design engineering and from a young age. It was clear to me that what .I really want was to create and invent, and the degree gave me that.The opportunity to become an inventor.

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One day with javi and a group of friends whom we hadn’t seen for a long time, we realis that what we miss most about people is their Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List voice and our entrepreneurial instinct was ignit. How to make the voice and emotion palpable? It had to be jewelry to be able to take those you love close . We call it totem for the carv trunks of the north American Indians, which represent the individuals and the tribe. Right there our friends gave us each and an incrible adventure began that has brought us here and that has projections for a long time. Home totem- to what extent do you think the digital world is important for the growth of current companies.

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For us it has been essential through social networks our clients know us. It produces a very large ruction in costs, ruces time USA CEO and intermarries. And allows us access to new markets without limits . At a time when we design.Work and create to add value to the client.What better way to do it by rucing many .Of the barriers that could separate us. It is essential today to be able to survive. As a business to take advantage of the advantages that digitization brings us. In addition, internally we use many online management tools that allow us to save many hours a week compar to non-collaborative tools.