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This is how we start, and then we invest in seo and sem . Our clients are mostly millennials, who spend a lot of time online, so that’s where we went first. Create a community with our clients, make them part of the brand, so that they can interact and feel identifi with it and with its values ​​through messages, as well as inviting them to share theirs. In the networks we tell our story, we explain how our jewelry is made in the workshop and how we bet on the feelings that we all hide to become that common speaker that makes us shout what we carry inside while at home. We also share the audios of the clients those who leave us, of course and many people feel identifi.

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It is essential to add value with what we do . We also try to teach how we are, our values, in all actions and collaborations. At totem Botswana Email List we enjoy doing what we do with whom we do it and that is our great secret, javier jiménez from totemclick to tweet what do you think is the key to not giving up and achieving your goals? The passion at totem we enjoy doing what we do with whom we do it and that is our great secret. We love what we have creat, having been able to reach so many people and have been able to materialize something as vital as feelings to give them other forms; and that makes us always hungry for more and illusion for what is yet to come.

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Have you had to make changes in your routine to be more productive? Having a project always implies sacrifice and dication, but it USA CEO is essential to have clear priorities and not subtract time from family, friends, partner and hobbies . Being able to combine work with all the things that make you wake up fully and proud with what you have means that when you get going you are capable of anything is there a failure that you can tell us about, from which you have learn more.