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In this way, we can encapsulate php-relat logic in a class which we can reuse , without having to inject the necessary information into our application’s view, or through the use of other techniques such as rendering a controller in our view, which makes it very difficult to have a complete perspective of the flow and its dependencies as a whole. Live components their objective is to refresh the view facing the user depending on how he interacts with it, such as deleting an entity or updating the data. Internally, what it does is add a stimulus controller to which it delegates the sending and updating of the user’s interaction with our application.

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They have a large number of functionalities, even so, if necessary, there is the possibility of continuing to create our own Bolivia Email List stimulus controllers , to fill in the deficiencies that we may have in our application. Example of use in our case, we are going to create a simple application where we can create and mark tasks. For simplicity, we assume that we already have a symfony application install and running in its latest version at the time of writing this article. In order to make use of the live components , you will have to follow the installation guide , which perfectly details what to do and how.

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For this proof of concept, we are going to show only a list of tasks, to which we have add a checkbox that allows you to filter all the tasks USA CEO that have been complete . If we uncheck it, it will show us the complete list. Next, each of the necessary files component class defines the behavior of the component itself. When the user first renders our list, it calls the get tasks method with complete a null. In the event that the user checks the checkbox , it will send to the application that complete is true and return the repository method that fetches all complete tasks.

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