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Integrations with third parties and in general with the symphony ecosystem. In the last talk of the event, they announce the new live components under development and some already finish and ready for use. In addition, the new website that deals with everything relate to the symphony ux initiative was announce , a place where you can see all the contents relate to this initiative group together. It will no longer be necessary to search for it on the blog, or in the github repository. As expect, it was an event full of different and very interesting ideas at different levels . Today we will tell you in a little more detail what symphony ox is and how it works.

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What is symphony ox? Table of contents symphony ox is an initiative to stop having two separate environments, popularly what we know, on the one hand as the back our symphony application and on the other the front with frameworks Western Sahara Email List like angular , react or similar. As the application grows in size, it becomes very complex to manage the cohesion between both environments . The general purpose is to integrate that JavaScript into our symphony code base . To do this, we already have various bundles that allow us, among other things, to create graphs through chart.js, add notifications to the browser through different channels, with notify or crop images from the browser with cropper.js, among others. On top of that, we can create our own components through the new bundles , twig components and live components.

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Keep in mind that this initiative is still in the experimental phase , which means that there is no backward compatibility between versions . Twig components y live components they are inspir by livewire and live view, and allow us USA CEO to create and encapsulate fragment functionality . The distinction between the two is important, since live components seek to complement branch components with greater functionality reactivity. But for this, let’s see what each of them consists of twig components they intend to link information to a template according to the documentation through a class that is annotate and a template in twig.