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The success of any online store

Location Where this query is execut. Thanks to this information, we can discover if there is a module that does. Not have a well-implement cache or incorrectly implement queries. There will be queries, like the one we show in the screenshot below, that are native to. PrestaShop, in this case, obtain all the modules that are execut that we will not be able to optimize. doubles Shows the duplicate queries in the execution of the load of the page that we are viewing. table stress It gives us information on how many times a table is consult for the load of the page.

In this context debug profiling

In this way we can know if we have a badly configur module that is consulting the same table unnecessarily. ObjectModel instances In this section we find the classes that query information in the relevant tables in the database. We can see in which file /config/ and line were load. includ files Finally, we find the PHP Albania Email List files that are being us in the execution of the load page. Identification of common performance problems Slow Database Queries Debug profiling can reveal inefficient or poorly optimiz queries that slow down site performance. Fixing these issues may involve query rewriting, cache implementation, or index optimization in the database.

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A key tool for developers and online

Problematic Modules Some PrestaShop modules can consume a lot of resources or conflict with other modules, negatively affecting performance. Debug profiling can help identify these modules and allow action to be taken, such as disabling, updating, or replacing them. Excessive file loading – A large number of unoptimiz CSS, JavaScript, or image USA CEO files can slow down page load time. Debug Profiling can help detect these problems and advise on file optimization. Improper server configuration A misconfigur server can affect the performance of the site. Debug profiling can show areas for improvement, such as optimizing your server configuration, implementing caching systems, or upgrading to a better hosting solution.

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