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Once these common problems are identifi, general solutions can be appli to improve the performance of the PrestaShop store . It is important to remember that each store is unique and may require specific solutions bas on its particular characteristics and nes. Do you want to know more about how to improve performance? In that case, how to optimize loading spe in PrestaShop is the article you are looking for. Hello to all the curious of Social Mia. My name is Carlos and I am a Social Mia Manager at acceseo.

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It’s my debut on the agency’s blog and I want to bring you a very current topic The era of fast consumption. One of my functions as Social Mia at the agency is the planning and production of reels and videos on TikTok and, yes, in a digital world where everything is constantly evolving, the consumption habits of users have Algeria Email List also undergone a significant change. The era of fast consumption has arriv and as marketers it is essential to adapt to this new pace so as not to be left behind. In this article, I want to explore with you how spe and immiacy are shaping consumer behavior, and how you can take advantage of these trends to fuel the success of your business.

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It is not something new that today all e-commerce works on its more UX side to offer users the best browsing experience and thus promote loyalty and satisfaction in the purchase. In another previous post, our colleague Nacho comment on some tools appli to the USA CEO world of web design focus on improving and optimizing the UX or user experience and that I highly recommend reading, I leave it here . The rise of fast consumption Table of Contents The expansion of smartphones and new social networks have.