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We go to line define ‘false. We modify the false value to true and save. It should be as follows Activate debug profiling Now we simply access the website and at the end of each page, both on the front and on the back, the different sections will be display, hence the importance of activating it in a test environment. Debug Profiling Sections Load Time Time that the server takes to process the page that we have access. Querying Time Time that our website nes to generate the necessary queries that are us on the page we are on.

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Queries It is the number of queries made. Includ Files The total number of files you download and the total size. We can also find all the information about the version we have install of PrestaShop, PHP, MySQL and if the cache is activat. Finally, in the previous screenshot we also see all the methods that are execut in this case in the home, such as Afghanistan Email List the loading of multimia files “set Mia”, the rendering of the content “init Content” or, for example, the visualization of the data “display . Next, one of the most important sections is the information that it provides us of the load hooks and modules , we find the time and memory us by each hook and module in addition to the totals.

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Within each hook we can see which modules are hook, thanks to this information we can determine if there is a hook or a module within USA CEO that hook that is slowing down the page load. stopwatch SQL How can we see, it shows us, query by query, the following information Time How long that query takes. Rows How many rows you ne to query from the table to display the results. Filesort If it has an ordering, in this case we see the “ORDER BY” Group by If you have a grouping.