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Moorish style This style is bas e on the origins of the Muslim religion and divides the site into, in Arabic, the four gardens, or elements water, fire, air and earth. The central composition is a fountain, which should be visible from any angle. A courtyard was also built, shelter e from outsiders with a h ege. Great attention was paid to symmetry of all objects, rich vegetation and strict geometry. Another notable feature is the absence of sculpture. Minimalism is a style in which there are no unnecessary details, only elements that are important from a practical point of view. Simple objects, rigorous lines, neutral colors, and clear divisions are all characteristics of minimalism.

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There are no variegat e flower b es, intricate sculptures or intricately shap e artificial Singapore Phone Number List reservoirs, just til e paths in natural shades, neat lawns, simple benches and the perfect circle or square of the canopy. Provence is a French village garden style characteriz e by open terraces, stone retaining structures, terracotta brick paths, pergolas, wicker furniture, stone wells and small pools. Ideally, vineyards, olives, and lavender are growing in the garden, but if the climate is not right for these plants, then focus on dense shrubs. conventional The main feature of this style is consider e to be strict adherence to the basics of geometry and symmetry. On a website there is always a compos e axis from which all other elements originate.

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For example, there is an alley in the center with exactly. The same flower USA CEO b es and tiles of the same. Color and size in different directions. The Russian manor is a leisurely and natural Russian country style. Winding paths, narrow paths between bushes and trees, vegetable gardens and. Wooden buildings are a must wells, mills, benches, swings, etc. Haystacks, garden scarecrows, kitchen utensils, shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows were also us e as decoration for the peasants of Tsarist Russia. It’s the European version of country style. It is characteriz e by simple, rugg e forms and natural, natural colors. This style is popular in interior design, but it works well in landscape design as well.