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Residential designers design interiors of private spaces apartments and houses. He understands the characteristics of a typical layout and how to change it without breaking the law. Designers of public spaces develop projects for commercial buildings offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, etc. He takes into account the business task and the ne es of the target audience and creates places that make visitors beautiful and comfortable. The project designer decorator chooses decorative elements for the place textiles, lighting, furniture, accessories, etc. He skillfully combines different types of decoration and knows how to make an interior harmonious and complete. In one of the articles, we took a detail e look at the decorators online course.

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Read, get inspir e and choose suitable course design projects Documentation Senegal Phone Number List reflecting future interior design concepts and plans color combinations, composition, placement of individual items in the venue. It includes construction drawings, visualizations, specifications and explanatory notes. Now let’s move on to general terms interior designers come across almost every day when developing projects. The composition focuses on the visual prominence of interior elements or specific areas. It completes the composition, grabs attention and adds enthusiasm to the interior. Accents can be creat e using colour, lighting, furniture, trim or textiles.

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A recess or niche in a wall, and a small room without windows so that light USA CEO enters from other rooms. Antiques Author and rare antiques of artistic or historical value furniture, ornaments, tableware, etc. Antique items are ag e a year or more. They must be made of a rare type of material and be associat e with a specific historical era. A mezzanine is a superstructure, a type of interm eiate level between floors in a room with a high ceiling. Typically, this is a lightweight construction that does not require insulation. The mezzanine expands the space and can be us e as storage space.