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Show that you understand your competitors’ threats and strengths and have a clear idea of ​​how to emerge as a winner. The first tip for finding competitors and appearing on your pitch platform We have seen that the biggest challenge is identifying competitors. You understand that you have to dig deep and analyze. Using the right tools and knowing what data to look for can make the task easier and more effective. Here are three helpful tips: Tip . Using Keyword Analysis Keyword analysis is a great way to identify less obvious competitors. Focusing on search terms can help you discover related companies that you didn’t immediately think of. Here’s what you do.

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A Brainstorm all the relevant keywords that people might use to find your new product South Korea Phone Numbers List or feature. Investigate who gets traffic for these keywords and pay attention, and whose traffic share is increasing. These are companies you might want to check out. Screenshot of Similarweb’s Keyword Analysis feature Similarweb breaks down the traffic your competitors are getting for your target keywords. B A thorough keyword analysis can reveal more than just trending terms. You’ll find out if the business is using these keywords in paid search, which channels are driving traffic, and how engaged users are. You’ll learn which industries are involved and which SERP features are popular. These insights help you strategize and answer uncomfortable questions.


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Screenshot of Similarweb SERP Features Per Keyword View View SERP results and USA CEO features per keyword. Tip Two: Examine Industry Trends When you examine your industry, find out who is leading the way and benchmarked against what. Don’t just look at the current numbers; they are a snapshot in time. Find out what’s changed over the past few months. Also, look at the YoY year-over-year change. Identify companies that have seen significant positive changes or have grown above average. These are competitors that require special attention. You need to understand whether what caused the change also poses a threat to achieving your plan. A screenshot of Similarweb Traffic Trends and Distribution per Keyword shows the traffic trends and distribution for a keyword or keyword group.